We all heard about this amazing and fun game that left the world into a standstill last year July when it rocked the world, and that is famous Pokémon Go.

The game is challenging and fun at the same time with over 650 million downloads since last year July. But did you know there are Pokémon legendary’s of all time? If the answer is no, rest your worries we have prepared a list of top 15 best legendary Pokémon.
15. LugiaLugia
Lugia comes on number 15 on this list reason he has wide and powerful wings that when he flips them, the wind will cause a 30-day storm. His aero blast can kick away any Pokémon that takes him on.
Lugia got a cool and strong singing voice, and his favorite song has always been ‘destroy every Pokémon even mewtwo and arcues’.
14. DialgaDialga
Dialga boast of an incredible type combination, Steel, and Dragon which is distinct from other legendary.This type combination gives great offensive and defensive capabilities. What I like most about his Dragon moves is that he really plays it just like a real Dragon and it hits harder than before.

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