Simone, has proved to be quite hardworking and a go getter as she has an accolade of medals to pride for her work, she became the first junior swimmer to break 25 seconds in the 50-meter freestyle in the 2013 world championships; not to mention she has been the first African American to she won an individual Gold medal at the Olympics, she also won another Gold and a Silver in her races in the Rio Olympics setting the bars high for other swimmers who draw inspiration from her.


Maya Dirado is a girl on fire, she made her first debut to the Olympics games in Rio where she wowed all spectators with her wonderful skills.

Maya commenced her week in Rio by coming in at second place in the 400 meters IM, and then at third place at the 200 IM competition and further proceeded to win a gold medal in the 4 by 200 freestyle relay squad.

It is safe to say that this girl has a lot of potentials and there is a high possibility that we haven’t seen yet, unfortunately, she is retiring to work as a consultant and settle down with her husband.


Missy Franklin is one of the best in the swimming world who has had a successful career since she started to play for her team. The 21-year-old won 4 gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012.

Other than that, she managed to get 4 medals held at the World Championship in Kazan and won bronze at the world championships in the 200 freestyle race.

Her specialty had always been backstroke where she has always come out first. She came home with several medals from Rio.


Sarah Sjstorm is a beast when it comes to swimming, yes, she is that good. Though she has won several races before such as the World Championship in Kazan where she won with a WR in the 100 fly and a 1:54 in the 200 free.

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