Penny being a novice Olympian, she was well aware that not much was expected and no pressure was on her back and a smart girl, she took this to her advantage and choose to wow the world instead.

Penny 16-years old won her first Olympic gold for herself and her country as well in the 100 metre freestyle race, she also took home a medal for coming in 2nd at the 100 metre butterfly and proceeded to take a medal (bronze) for coming in 3rd at the 4 by 100 and 4 by 200 freestyle relays.

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Siobhan O’ Connor is an impressive swimmer though she is one of the most underrated female swimmers globally.

She made her breakout in 2014 though she did not have an equally successful year in 2015.

Thankfully, her diligent hard work amounted to tremendous success and a great come back for her as she won a medal as a runner-up for the 200 meter individual medley for coming in second. It seems there is more to see from this lady.

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