Welcome to top females swimming league in 2017. Swimming is said to be one of the best exercises to keep your body healthy.

Today, we appreciate female swimmers in the field, though much attention is given to the male swimmers, female swimmers also put in a large amount of time and energy into practice in order to excel in the field.

Swimming is one sport where all athletes are responsible for their own achievements and failures and cannot have their other team participants influence their achievements in any way. In this article, we are highlighting the best females in swimming 2017.


One of the most phenomenal top females in the swimming sport who leaves a lot to be admired. Jessica is a swimmer who did not start out at the top but she has worked hard and challenged herself to be better every year since she first joined her National team in 2014.

She had a breakout 2015 in the World Championships where she very well packed a medal for coming in 3rd at the 400 meter.

Ashwood also received a silver with her teammates in the 4 by 200 meter freestyle relay in the Rio Olympics. Jessica makes it clear there is more to come and more success guaranteed in her path.


This Canadian swimmer branded as the “golden penny” shocked the audience by packing 4 great medals in the Rio Olympics.

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