This pistol features a revolutionary polymer casing that delivers a less felt recoil with a low bore axis and improved hand control. Features four interchangeable hand straps to fit the hand comfortably, ribbed grip panels designed for personal comfort as well as, no snag-carry feature

This is the kind of pistol that is not only attractive but also, offers an easy operation.

9. Walther PPQWalther PPQ

The Walther PPQ is by no means a trendy pistol, but it is built to achieve the sole purpose of a 9mm pistol handgun. In this sense, you will find the Walther PPQ a little different from its competing counterparts available in the market.

It has a sturdy polymer structure and showcases one of the all rounded secure grips in the industry. This grip ensures that it fits around the shooters hand as comfortable as possible to give them a good aim to take on the target. Other than that, this pistol features a short and crisp trigger action that makes it easy to use. It is durable and holds its end of the deal on what it promises to deliver plus it rarely jams.

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