The Lionheart LH9 pistol features double action plus trigger hammer feature that makes it easy to aim and take down the target with much ease. It is also very comfortable to hold hence, making it a valuable asset to add to one’s collection.

14. Browning Hi PowerBrowning Hi Power

This is a gun that has been in the market for quite some time and proved very useful for its users. This pistol supplies great craftsmanship in terms of a strong, comfortable and sturdy grip, high levels of accuracy, and a perfect equilibrium target towards the intended shot.

This pistol has strong useful updates from its predecessor the Mark II such as composite grasp panels that are slide coating to give it an outstanding edge over the rest.

13. Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle IIIMagnum Research Baby Desert Eagle IIIThe BDE III comes in the market as the most accurate handgun ever seen. This pistol comes in both carbon and polymer steel 9MM frames.

This pistol features a single action or a double action trigger that does a good job at aiming and taking the shot as one would please. This is without a doubt a crowd pleaser gun that any handgun lover would appreciate.

12. Heckler & Koch P30skHeckler & Koch P30sk

The quality and reliability that goes into making this pistol are undeniable. This pistol is very accurate as well as attributed and packed.

This gun features amazing and indisputable features that set it apart from the rest. This includes a single or a double action trigger pull that all users find amazing as well as a neat aim due to its lightweight nature.

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