This Pistol provides a number of ambidextrous controls integrated into its make to offer accuracy and a definitive shot. This Pistol unlike other pistols in the market eliminated the thumb security and the publication in order to deliver the best results.

16. Grand Power X-CaliburGrand Power X-Calibur

If a light trigger is a matter of concern in a pistol. The Grand Power X-Calibur packs one of the lightest trigger buttons there in the market.

Not only is the trigger feature impressive, but also, this pistol features a bull barrel that is fluted with remove in the slide forend that is built in this pistol to give it the stability needed. Beyond that, this pistol uses the turning barrel that gives a greater recoil motion for better accuracy.

The C-caliber pistol is an all hail glory to any shooters collection.

15. Lionheart LH9Lionheart LH9

This is an impressive 9MM pistol that deserves more attention than it is actually given in the handgun industry. This is because it has an ergonomically excellent make design, with beauty, functionality and reliability all encompassed in one.

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