Penelope has won herself countless awards in honor of her beauty.

12. Amaia SalamancaAmaia Salamanca

The beautiful 29 year – old Amaia hails from the great city of Ispanija, Madrid she boasts of a well-toned body, feisty brown eyes, and long combed-down hair enough proves that she deserves a top place in this list of top 20 beautiful Spanish women.

She is a well -known movie star who have attracted a large audience of fans, one of her famous movie is ‘’ Sin Miedo a Sonar (SMS)’’, ‘’Catalina Marcos’’ and Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso and much more.

11. Ines SastreInes Sastre

Ines is beautiful just like her name, and it seems that every beautiful lady effortlessly finds her place in the modeling industry and Ines is not an exempt.

She models for the big brand that belongs to Valladolid. Besides modeling, she is also an actress and a renowned movie star, and she started acting at an early age of 12 years, and one of her notable T.V show is the McDonald’s.

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