Besides being a beautiful nation that has attracted a lot of tourists due to many beaches and luxurious hotels Spain is also a hub of most beautiful women in the world.

If countries were to be ranked according to the most beautiful women that one has, Spain could effortlessly secure a place in the top 5 in the world. Quite a number of these beauties belong to the entertainment industry, modeling industry while others in are the fashion world.

Below is a list of thoroughly reviewed of top 20 most beautiful Spanish women of 2017 if you beg to differ with the list you can leave us some comments in the below article.

20. Paz VegaPaz Vega

On number 20 is the most attractive woman of all times, Pas is not only gorgeous but also have a killer body. She is a renown actress, as well as a fashion model from Seville in Andalusia, her acting career debut from TV series and the notable one, was “Menudo es Mi Padre.”

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