Hollywood is a hub of many good looking actresses that it becomes a difficult task to pick the top 16 beautiful Hollywood out of many beauties. In the industry that is rapidly growing and gaining popularity all over the world perhaps the reason there are a lot of new actresses that are more beautiful and talented joining the industry hence making it even harder to settle down on a list of most beautiful actresses.

It’s often said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and hence no real measure can be used to measure or describe a woman’s beauty. Therefore this list is not meant to compare a woman beauty with others but just to bring out those actresses that we have researched and seen as more attractive, elegant and with a great personality.

16. Olivia Jane WildeOlivia Jane Wilde

There is a strong connection between modeling and beauty, and I can bet my last dollar that there has never been a model that is not good looking, all models are so beautiful and Olivia is not an exemption.

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