Other than being known for her beauty she is known for being a woman who cares about the welfare of others; she actively participates in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

6. Azie Tesfai – Ethiopia/EritreaAzie Tesfai – Ethiopia/Eritrea

Azie is a first generation immigrant in Los Angeles, California where she was born and raised. Azie’s parents are from Eritrea and Ethiopia.

She is an actress popularly known for acting in the CW Jane the Virgin for her character Nadine Hanson.

5. Seneo Mabengano – BotswanaSeneo Mabengano – Botswana

Seneo is a perfect example of a woman who is beautiful on the inside and the outside, her character shadows her beauty which is beyond amazing. She is not only charming, she has an amazing personality and a caring heart.

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