Lucky, for her, she was signed by Elite. This amazing beauty is currently a supermodel who has worked with numerous fashion labels, designers and also been featured in cover pages of several magazines.

17. Loraine Van Wyk – Sierra LeonneLoraine Van Wyk – Sierra Leonne

Loraine is a model and a social media personality. She is of South African origin and moved to London where she began her career as a model by appearing in advertisements and commercials. She is a South African with Dutch genes that add to her outstanding features. This stunning woman with sparkling eyes and a gorgeous figure has been cast on various Lingerie and bikini shoots where she leaves so many men drooling.

She has also appeared on the cover of many magazines. She takes pride in some of the awards she has won and recognitions she has had over the years. In 2003 and 2004, she won the Otto model of the year award.

16. Thandie NewtonThandie Newton

This stunning woman holds her heritage from Zimbabwe. She is recognized for her acting roles in some major films such as “Crash” and “Beloved”.

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