Her win in this competition was the beginning of her successful career. She was discovered by Surazuri Modelling Agency during this competition and signed as a model.

18. Charlize Theron – South AfricaCharlize Theron – South Africa

Charlize Theron is the ideal definition of sexy, beautiful and stunning with a touch of feminine class and elegance. She is arguably the hottest South African lady known for her amazing gifts and talents. Charlize is a well-renowned actress and model.

Her acting career is one job she has done really well and gained much popularity and success from. Her psycho tendencies in most hit movies she has acted helped her win an outstanding Oscar award.

19. Nyasha Matonhodze – ZimbabweNyasha Matonhodze – Zimbabwe

Nyasha was born in Harare, Zimbabwe July 31, 1995. She lived a simple life in Harare before she moved with her mother to London when she was 8. Nyasha had always been lean and tall growing up and she would hear a lot of people telling her to try out modeling and when she was 14, she actually took their advice and try it out.

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