Old Man Hoy stack is one of the tallest in Britain.It’s 175 meters tall formed in a1750, and it’s reported that it may soon collapse into the sea.

9. Risin og KellinginRisin og Kellingin

Also known as Rising and Kellingin are two loyal sea stacks standing next to each other on the north coast of the island of Eysturoy situated in the Faroe Islands.The names mean the Giant and the Witch which narrates about their origins.

The Rising is 71 meters tall, and the Kellingin is 68 meters tall.The sea stacks can be accessed by walking down north from Eid and turning east towards the coastline following the low cliffs.

8. The Twelve Apostles- AustraliaThe Twelve Apostles

These sea stacks standing tall close to each other in the coastline of Australia are just amazing wonders of the world.Their proximity to each other has made the spot a tourist attraction.

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