The pyramid was named after the famous Henry Lidgbird Ball who reported it in 1788.

11. Dun Briste – IrelandDun Briste – Ireland

Dun Briste is an amazing sea stack that is 50 meters long and 80 meters wide. Standing tall this sea stack acts as the crown of the Downpatrick Head.

It’s situated in North Mayo where millions and millions of geological formation meets folklore legends. In 1981 the legend Dr.Seamus Caulfield took a trip using a helicopter to get to this stack.

10. Old Man of Hoy- ScotlandOld Man of Hoy- Scotland

The Old Man of Hoy is a  unique and spectacular sea stack found on the island of Hoy on the north coast of Scotland. It is reported that it was formed from the Old Red Sandstone. It was named after Old man a legend who was first to climb the sea stack in 1966.

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