The most amazing thing about it is that one side of it is too short that people can climb and the other side is too high. Divers enthusiast has used the sea stack as a diving destination
The rock is 152 meters long, and it’s a haven for a variety of seabirds.

14. Old Harry RocksOld Harry Rocks

The old Harry Rocks are two stacks situated on the magnificent coast in the south of England. The rock marks the end of the Jurrasic coast. The Harry rock produces a lot of chalk cliff which is managed by the National Trust.

13.  Sail Rock- RussiaSail Rock- Russia

Found in the black sea of Russia is the magnificent Sail Rock by a look of it looks like the ship’s sail, and that’s where its name came from. It has a sheer vertical slope near the shore of the sea, and it measures 20 m wide and 20m long.

The Rock was declared as a national monument on November 24, 1971, by the Gelendzhik government and its protection was entrusted to the rural council of Divnomorskiy.

12. Ball Pyramid – AustraliaBall Pyramid – Australia

As an erosional remnant of a shield volcano that was formed 6.4 million years ago. It covers 20 km southwest of the Lord Howe Island Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the tallest sea stack 562 meters high 1100 meters length and 300 meters wide.

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