Everyone dreams of being wealthy someday, in fact, most of us dream of going from rags to riches in no time. Well, there is a place that could make this just happen for you – YouTube.

Intrigued? Yes, YouTube is one such platform that could make your dreams come true if you have the ability to create great content for people to stop and look at. It is without a doubt that YouTube has become the number one go-to place.

From games to educational to music, to comic, YouTube has everything, for everyone, you name it. Recent statistics show that YouTube has over 4 billion views a day. People involved in creating such astounding content, make a whole lot of money from this.

These YouTube stars are loved just as movie stars and famous musicians but unlike celebrities, their stories are more realistic and make us believe that we could just be like them. Let us have a look at the top 18 most successful YouTube stars in the world 2017.

18. Hank GreenHank Green

YouTube Channel: Vlogbrothers

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